Previous pastors at St. Cecilia Parish, Regina:

Rev. C. S. Godin

Rev. C. S. Godin
(Sept. 1954 - Dec. 1954)

Rev. P. S. Kinlin
Rev. P. S. Kinlin
(Dec. 1954 - May 1957)

Rev. J. J. Burns
Rev. J. J. Burns
(May 1957 - June 1964)

Rev. G. Mulligan (July 1964 - Aug. 1964)
Photo not available

Rev. D. McGuigan
Rev. D. McGuigan
(Sept. 1964 - Aug. 1965)

Rev. D. C. LuceyRev. D. C. Lucey
(Sept. 1965 - Sept. 1969)

Rev. Gabriel J. SchachteRev. Gabriel J. Schachtel (Sept. 1969 - July 1974)

Rev. Kenneth Koep Rev. Kenneth Koep
(Aug. 1974 - Aug. 1980)

Rev. Michael J. HoganRev. Michael J. Hogan, V.G. (Aug. 1980 - July 1989)

Rev. Arthur VandendriesscheRev. Arthur Vandendriessche
(Aug. 1989 - June 1993)

Rev. Emmett MorrisseyRev. Emmett Morrissey (Aug. 1993 - July 1994)

Rev. Michael FahlmanRev. Michael Fahlman (August 1994 - July 2002)

Rev. Pedro AldeaRev. Pedro Aldea
Priest Moderator (Pastor at Sacred Heart)
(August 2002 - May 2004)

Rev. John Baptist Okai Priest Moderator (Pastor at Sacred Heart, then St. Peter)
(August 2004 - July 2008)
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A history of St. Cecilia Church, from its inception, has been chronicled in the book: Archdiocese of Regina: A History, printed in 1988. This book was written to commemorate the Archdiocese of Regina's 75th anniversary (1910- 1985).
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A copy is available at St. Cecilia or the Archdiocese Multimedia Library.

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