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2013 - Christmas
featuring St. Francis class projects in Advent, Sacred Heart School assembly.
2013 - Fall
featuring teachers & staff from Sacred Heart and St. Francis Schools, and a profile of Saturday morning English classes for parishioners new to Canada
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2013 - Easter

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Stewardship is responsible for helping the parish community embrace a stewardship way of life: receiving, nurturing, sharing, and returning God’s gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Our gifts are all different, all special and all contribute to the life of our church. For many of us, an important part of the process is to discern what our special gifts might be.

The first principle of stewardship is spirituality. Any efforts to help parishioners to increase prayer, reflection, Mass attendance, reconciliation, and awareness of Catholic teachings is encouraged.

Stewardship Committee Representative(s) are to be elected during the odd years.

Stewardship helps fulfill the main concern of Parish Council which is to set policies and goals to foster the spiritual and social development of parishioners.

Stewardship works closely with the pastor to plan and implement.

attend the monthly Parish Pastoral council meetings (third Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Sept. to June). Monthly information reports (written) about activities are shared with Parish Pastoral Council. They also participate in other Parish Pastoral Council events or activities as required.
- initiate discussion and projects to meet the goals of Stewardship.

Updated Oct. 5, 2014