This representative works with the pastor and other intererested members in assisting parishioners in the development of their spiritual life by:

a) Providing an atmosphere to learn and grow through educational programs such as:

- Retreats/Missions
- recommended reading
- Bible Study
- DVD series

b) Vocations Awareness activities, to educate parishioners on the four vocations:
- Religious sister or brother
- O
rdained priesthood
- Married life
- Single lay person
Vocations Awareness week is usually held in April (World Day of Prayer for Vocation, 4th Sunday of Easter).

Spiritual Life & Education covers sacramental preparation programs of the parish: RCIA, Baptism, First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, Confirmation, administered by the pastor and parish assistant(s).

Spiritual Life and Adult Education representative is to be elected during the even years.

The Spiritual Life and Adult Education contact person also attends the monthly Parish Council meeting (third Tuesday) to provide a report about upcoming plans or activities from the previous month. They also participate in the activities of Parish Pastoral Council.

Updated Feb. 24, 2014

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