The ministry of Sacristan is part of Liturgy.

Check the schedule and mark your calendar for the dates you are to do sacristan. If you are unable to do this, please contact another sacristan and trade with them.

Try to arrive at church at least 20 minutes before mass.

All sacristans: as you arrive at church, glance at the gifts table and credence table to ensure items are in place. If it has not been done, check the sacristy. If it is getting close to mass (10 minutes) with no sign of the scheduled person, please cover and do it yourself.

Two basic parts of Sacristan duty: preparing the items in the Sacristy room and preparing the altar and sanctuary for Mass.

A list of terms (separate page)

In the sacristy, most items are in the right cupboard above the counter. On the large oval silver tray (with a rubber mat), place the following items:
· large gold chalice
· silver chalices (mouth up). For Sat. mass - 1 chalice; for Sun. mass - 3 chalices
· purificators from second left drawer. For Sat. mass · 2 purificators; for Sun. mass - 4 purificators.
· tabernacle key from marked hook in cupboard
· felt pouch for communion medallions

Prepare the sanctuary:
· take the tray to the sanctuary
· turn lights on the altar area (switch in hallway exit area to the left)

· place tray on the credence table
· place felt pouch at back of table.
· turn on sound system: On the east wall by the window, there is a light switch at knee level. Ensure it is on. The switch for the baldachino lights (over the altar) is on wooden beam to the right of the window (of the two switches, it is the one on the right & is labelled).
· ensure white bowl is clean and empty and small white jug with water and towel is on credence table (for priest washing hands).
· ensure corporal is on the altar. If there isn't one, get a clean one from drawer in Sacristy.
· check tabernacle for number of hosts

Prepare the gifts:

· Measure the white communion wine (from lower bottom right cupboard) into the glass decanter with the stopper. The amount of wine will depend on the number of parishioners at mass. For Saturday, usually 250 ml.; for Sunday 500 ml.
· If you empty the wine jug, do not place it back in the cupboard. Set it on the floor in front of the wine cupboard. If the last jug of wine is less than half full, leave a note for the office to purchase more.
· For use of red wine, see Special Occasions section.
· ensure water cruet is at least half full of water.

Hosts: Check tabernacle for hosts before opening new sleeves.
· For Saturday, if there are lots of hosts in tabernacle, use only a half sleeve of hosts (approx. 50) in one ciborium. For Sunday mass if there are a lot of hosts in the tabernacle, use one sleeve (100) in one ciborium.
· If not a lot in the tabernacle, for Saturday mass, place one sleeve of hosts in the ciborium. For Sunday mass, if not a lot in tabernacle, place two sleeves of hosts in the ciborium.
· Place large host on top of small hosts.
· Place the wine, water and hosts on the gifts table beside the Sacristy door.
· for Sunday mass, put the pyx and black case for Communion to the Sick on the silver tray. (Black case should have a note to the priest for number of hosts to place in pyx.)

Return to the sacristy:
· keep an eye on the number of people coming to mass
· if necessary, add extra wine to the decanter
· wash the measuring cup in the Hogan Room. Dry and return to cupboard

After Mass:

· Note: do not turn off sound system power switch and all altar lights. The music group may still be playing and will need the sound system and lights to continue. They have been instructed to turn these off.
· Communion Ministers wash the sacred vessels, but Sacristan should check that the Tabernacle key is in the cupboard on the "Tabernacle Key" hook and that the vessels are put back in the cupboard.
· leave lights on in congregation seating area as long as people are still in the church.

Special Occasions:

· candles used in decor in the sanctuary may need to be lit before mass (and extinguished after).
· unleavened bread and red wine may used for the following masses: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday, First Eucharist, and Body & Blood of Christ. The bread and red wine is kept in the fridge in the Hogan Room. Remove bread from plastic bag and place on a white Corel plate from the kitchen (which may be in the Sacristy).
· the gold ciboria should be used for hosts during special celebrations (all throughout Easter).

Other Notes:
· If anything seems amiss with supplies of hosts and wine, please notify the church secretary.

Sacristan Instructions for Funerals

Information updated August 12, 2012