According to the Constitution of Pastoral Council at St. Cecilia Church, the Council is made up of:

  • the pastor
  • chairperson(s)
  • elected chairpersons of standing committees
  • other duly appointed or elected members

    The standing committees (ministries) include:
  • Liturgy
  • Spiritual Life & Adult Education
  • Parish Community Building (subcommittee to Stewardship)
  • Social Justice & Pastoral Care
  • Deanery Pastoral Council Representative
  • Stewardship
  • Ecumenism

Other organizations that have association with the Parish and thereby representation on Parish Pastoral Council:

  • Parish Pastoral Assistant
  • Catholic Women's League
  • Men's and Women's Club
  • Golden Years Club
  • Knights of Columbus, Fr. Burns Council
  • St. Francis Community School
  • Sacred Heart Community School

Finance Council chairperson may attend, as needed.

More information about each of the committees and organizations listed above are available from the main Ministries page.

The main concern of Parish Pastoral Council is to "set policies and goals which will foster the spiritual and social development of the parish, and to activate the parishioners so that these are accomplished. The council is the primary advisory or consultative body to the parish priest or Parish Minister, who is ultimately responsible to the Archbishop of Regina." (St. Cecilia Pastoral Council Constitution)

Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson(s)
The chairperson(s) of Parish Council are to be elected during the even years.

Meetings are set for the third Tuesday of each month (Sept. to June) from 7:30 to 9 pm. The Annual General Meeting and Elections are held in March, so no regular Parish Council meeting is held.

The duties of the chairperson are to "chair the meetings and facilitate discussion so that members are encouraged to participate actively and speak freely." (St. Cecilia Pastoral Council Bylaws). Other duties as required to organize the Council for special activities.

List of current Parish Pastoral & Finance Council members.

updated Feb. 23, 2017