Ecumenism is the pursuit of unity within the Christian community and the pursuit of better relations with other faiths. Ecumenical activity is the mission of all the faithful.

The main focus has been as a participant with the Rosemont Area Churches Ecumenical Association. This group comprises representatives from St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church, Christ Lutheran Church, St. James Anglican, and the Community of Christ. They meet once a month.

The following general duties are accomplished through the work of the Rosemont Area Churches committee:

- work with the group to initiate joint prayer and worship services with other Christians (to the extent they are permitted in different church disciplines and other faiths). Hosting of a prayer service/potluck meal to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is shared by the churches. The Good Friday Cross Walk event is also organized by this group.

- work with the group to initiate joint activities and projects. A two-year refugee sponsorship of some Karen families (an ethnic group from Burma/ Myanmar) was undertaken. The group offers support and friendship, and takes turns to help the families get to medical appointments and shopping. The goal is to help families and individuals become independent and self sufficient while forming friendships and promoting cultural understanding.

- educate the people of the St. Cecilia Parish community about the beliefs and traditions of other faith communities so there is more understanding, and interfaith cooperation.

- share information about the beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic faith with the group as well as parish activities and programs.

The Ecumenism representatives of St. Cecilia Parish may provide leadership and example by initiating, promoting and participating in ecumenical activities within the community.

The representative will also attend the meetings of the Archdiocesan Ecumenical Commission (once or twice a year) and act on suggestions and recommendations.

Understanding and appreciation of the issues around ecumenism can be acquired through information, discussion and workshops provided by the Archdiocese. Ideally, this knowledge is then shared with members of the parish.

Ecumenism Representative(s) for parish council is to be elected during the odd years.

Duties include
- attend Rosemont Area Churches Ecumenical Association meetings.
- attend monthly Parish Pastoral council meetings (third Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Sept. to June). Provide monthly information reports (written) on ecumenism activities. Participate in other Parish Pastoral Council events or activities as needed.

Updated Feb. 22, 2014

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