The Deanery Pastoral Council (DPC) representative is responsible for exchanging information with the DPC representatives from other parishes in the Regina Deanery.

This includes sharing about parish activities and program of benefit or interest, as well as concerns that are relevant between parish communities.

The representative is also involved in DPC special activities such as workshops and diocescan gatherings.

The year-end report of Deanery to Parish Pastoral Council contains more information.

Deanery representative(s) to be elected during the odd years.

- attend Regina Deanery Pastoral Council meetings.
attend the monthly Parish Pastoral council meetings (third Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Sept. to June). Monthly information reports (written or verbal) about Deanery activities are shared with Parish Pastoral Council. They also participate in other Parish Pastoral Council events or activities as required.

Updated Feb 22, 2014

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