Children's Liturgy of the Word is part of the Liturgy Committee. They are responsible for teaching children about Jesus and providing an experience of the Mass, using words and actions suitable for their age and experience.

Children's Liturgy leaders need not be professional teachers. What is needed most is a love for children and a desire to see them learn about God and His Son and grow into a faith relationship.

Some time is needed to prepare for leading the Children's Liturgy: Review the lesson provided, read the Gospel, and the discussion questions. Think about the main idea for the lesson and how you can communicate that.

Before Sunday Mass begins, children (age 3 to 8) are called to gather with Father and the Children's Liturgy leader to process into the church during the gathering song. Father then gives them a blessing and the leader and helper take the children to their special Children's Liturgy Room (lower level of Parish Centre).

After a welcome and introduction, the format of the Mass is followed, starting with the sign of the cross.
We light a candle, with a brief prayer (such as "Jesus is the Light no darkness can put out.")

We teach the children to reflect on the things they may not be so proud of as we say "Sorry" to God in the form of a prayer or song.

All the songs, prayers, signs and symbols are in a teachers' manual we use. There is room for your own creativity, if you wish.

Next, we try to incorporate the Gloria (or Glory Be), followed by the Gospel Acclamation (Alleleuia) which can be said or sung.

The heart of Children's Liturgy of the Word is the Gospel reading, teaching the children to make the sign of the cross on their forehead, lips and heart, and why we make these signs -- so that we remember it, so we can speak about it, and to carry it in our hearts.

There are questions provided for discussion about the reading. The discussion could also include use of other props to help communicate the story.

There should be time for some intercessory prayers.

An altar server is instructed to let you know when the Creed is over, so you have a few minutes to summarize. It's always good to review the main message and what we learned. Hopefully there is a moment for a closing prayer.

We return to the church during the song being played for the preparation of the gifts (offering collection). Most children will join in the procession up the main aisle, behind the altar servers (carrying cross and candles) until they reach their seat.

updated Feb 22, 2014