Congratulations, Melita, for outlasting 13 other contestants to become the Ultimate Survivor!

The battle for the title was intense, as Jackie Peat, Vice Principal at St. Francis School, gave Melita a run for her money in the final competition of target practice, using rubber bands to shoot Barrel of Monkeys from their perches.

After a dinner of roast beef, cabbage rolls, oven roasted potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables and salads, the survivors were divided into two teams of seven members each and given their team buffs (red or blue).

The first competition was to name their team and build a shelter using only the supplied materials (cardboard, brown paper, twine and duct tape).

Blue Rhumba (blue) and Chaos (red) worked diligently. A randomly selected jury from the audience conferred and voted Chaos to have the best shelter.

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