50th Anniversary – 1954 to 2004
(information from the 2004 Parish Photo Directory)

St. Cecilia Parish began as a mission of Sacred Heart Church through the efforts of Archbishop Monahan and Rev. John J. Burns. The original church was built in 1941 at the corner of Royal Street and 8th Avenue. This area grew so quickly that a new church was needed, so the parish of St. Cecilia was created in 1954 by Archbishop O'Neill.

The current church at 5020 – 7th Avenue was built in 1958-9. The first mass was celebrated at midnight, Christmas Day, 1958, celebrated by Rev. J. J. Burns.

The parish has been served by a number of priests, photos & dates. Service was also given by Rev. Gerard E. Mulligan (July & Aug. 1964) and Rev. Peter Luttmer (Jan. to June 1996).

The Catholic Women's League (formed in 1947) and St. Cecilia Men's Club (organized in 1954) have been active from the very beginning. Without the diligent work of these two groups over the years, the parish would not be what it is today. Other parish groups include Golden Years, Knights of Columbus (Father Burns Council), Social Justice, Ecumenism and Absolutely Everybody Youth Group. The parish has been built on the work of many volunteers – inside our church, as well as out. A number of parishioners assist at Pioneer Village and Santa Maria Seniors Home, as well as many other local agencies.

St. Cecilia Parish has the distinction of being the first in the Archdiocese to have a Parish Council. This was organized in 1967 under Father Lucey. Murray and Gen Grant served as first parish chair couple and have been involved in many ministries over the years and continue to serve in many capacities.

The parish has also been affiliated with primary schools over the years. St. Patrick's School began in 1950 with an existing school building moved from Imperial, Saskatchewan to the property on 7th Avenue (west of current church). The student population became too big within a few years, so a new St. Patrick School was built and opened in 1957. It closed in 1989. It currently is home to Westside Alliance Church. St. Francis School was built on the bald prairie in 1964.

Current parish staff are: Len Ernst, parish minister; Fr. Pedro Aldea, priest moderator, from Sacred Heart; Melita Stenhouse, church secretary who has been with St. Cecilia's 19 years, and Merv Harrick who takes good care of our buildings andgrounds.

Many thanks to Sr. Ria Gerritsen, Archivist, Archdiocese of Regina for her assistance. Thanks also to Murray Grant for his beautiful photo of the Royal Street church on the cover of this directory, which he had the foresight to photograph in 1957. It was demolished in 1960.